Teaser Betting Strategy Explained

Posted by Nick Williamson on

If you are just getting started in sports betting, you will find that there are a number of different kinds of bets that you can make. One of these bets is called a “teaser.” In this blog, we will break down what a teaser is and how you can use it in your betting strategy.



What is a Teaser Bet?


A teaser is a type of sports bet in which the bettor can combine his/her bets on two or more games. Teaser bets are very similar to parlay bets. Just like with a parlay bet, with a teaser, the better must bet on two or more events occurring. In order for the better to win the bet, both of the events must occur. If even one of them does not occur, the bettor loses the bet.


What makes teasers unique and what separates them from parlay bets is that with a teaser bet, the better has the ability to alter points spreads and over/under totals by 4-10 points. The sport that is being bet on will determine exactly how much the better can alter the points spreads and over/under totals.


What are the Advantages of Teasers?


The primary advantage of teasers is that they are often easier to win when compared to other options such as parlays because the points spreads and over/under totals can be altered in your favor. This means that with these types of bets, it is generally easier for your teams to make the spread or the points totals. However, because teaser bets are easier to win than parlays, the payouts are often smaller.


Which Sports Can You Make Teaser Bets On?


Because teasers must be based on points spread bets or totals bets, they are most commonly used in football and basketball. This can include both professional and college-level games. Sometimes, teaser bets are also offered for other competitions, such as the Olympics.


Are Teaser Bets Easy to Win?


Teaser bets are generally considered easier to win than parlays, but that doesn’t mean that they are easy to win. Even just correctly predicting which team will win or lose in both games scan be difficult and that is before the spread or over/under totals are considered. The more games that you bet on in a teaser, the harder it is to win.


So, When Are Teasers a Good Idea?


Teaser bets are a good idea for people who have significant amounts of football and/or basketball knowledge and who have a good chance of predicting the outcomes of two games correctly. They are also good for people who are willing to earn a lower payout in order to increase their chances of winning a bet that involves two or more games.




Teaser bets are not the most simple sports bets that you can make. However, they are a great option if you have some experience with sports betting and if you are looking to make a creative bet that has solid odds. If you are looking to diversify your betting strategy, try a teaser bet. Hopefully, it goes well!